तुम अपने किरदार को इतना बुलंद करो कि दूसरे भाषा के विशेषज्ञ पढ़कर कहें कि ये कलम का छोटा सिपाही ऐसा है तो भीष्म साहनी, प्रेमचंद, महादेवी वर्मा, जयशंकर प्रसाद, सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी 'निराला', हरिवंश राय बच्चन, फणीश्वर नाथ रेणु आदि कैसे रहे होंगे... गगन बेच देंगे,पवन बेच देंगे,चमन बेच देंगे,सुमन बेच देंगे.कलम के सच्चे सिपाही अगर सो गए तो वतन के मसीहा वतन बेच देंगे.


Is Juhi Parmar the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 5′?

Speculation is rife that Juhi Parmar is the winner of this season’s Bigg Boss. Now considering that there’s no smoke without fire, we try and figure out why Ms Parmar is all of a sudden the talk of telly town and why the other celebs have been culled out from the winners’ list despite the fact that they were way more instrumental in raising TRPs than Juhi

We think it’s either plain logic that’s giving rise to such stories, or that the results have being actually leaked. Plain logic ‘coz the actor somehow manages to escape the nomination chaos, she is the calmest in the house and keeps an arm’s length from fights and arguments and, last but not the least, she maintains cordial relations with everyone, which is one of the cardinal rules to survive in the madhouse. Apart from the occasional cribbing and crying, this peaceful aunty-ji, because of her diplomacy, emerges as perhaps the strongest contender in the potential winners’ list. Now cashing in on the plain common sense theory, self-proclaimed soothsayers have already declared her the champ. And instead of appreciating her slugging it out skills, they are giving credit to the stars, the astral bodies and the lucky sum of the many digits in the birth date of the actor, etc, etc. Sky, Siddharth, Sunny Leone and Amar Upadhyay are the other contestants still in the house right now and, as the content of the show degenerates with every passing day, so does the way they behave (excluding Sunny, of course, for whom language acts as a barrier against being part of all the hooliganism). So the bottom-line is that we don’t know if the news is leaked or it’s a mere guessing game, but we would just be happy if Ms Parmar tastes victory and surpasses all those bullies on the show. Also, if she wins, we request her to do us a huge favour by utilising her prize money to enlist in a weight-loss programme to shed all those extra kilos that reportedly have a medical reason for being packed around her. Remember, everybody wants a li’l bit of eye candy – right, Juhi?

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Anand Kumar ने कहा…

juhi who was part of all bad politics, game and worst of all supported the the most foul mouthed inmate SKY.....did not deserve to be winner...it should have been mahek or sid